Types of Electrical Burns

Burns are scarring. Not only physically, but emotionally as well. According to website of the Abel Law Firm, common causes of burns are chemical hazards, electrical hazards, explosions, and malfunctioning equipment. Electrical hazards have extreme potential to cause harm because they involve electrified currents, and are often unrecognizable.

When a burn has resulted from an electrical accident, there are three common classifications of the injury: electrical burn, arc/flash burn, or thermal contact burn. In the event that the electric current has reached the bone, and thus damages surrounding tissue, the burn is referred to as an electrical burn. The second type of burn is an arc burn, or a flash burn. These result from a nearby explosion, or an electric arc. Lastly, thermal contact burns occur when the skin comes in contact with energized structures or cords. Heat from these electrical currents burns the skin, and can leave scars.

After the initial injury has occurred, it is important to treat it immediately. If the burn is severe, medical attention should be sought. However, there are also steps to follow that can alleviate pain for burns of a lesser degree. These steps include running cool water over the affected area, avoiding popping the blisters, and taking a pain reliever. Applying Aloe Vera or a soothing lotion can help minimize pain during the healing process.

Exercising caution in all circumstances will help minimize burn injuries. In workplaces or public spaces, building managers should keep the building maintained so that electrified currents do not pose any dangers. If you have been injured as a result of a person’s or company’s failure to secure electrical hazards, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

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