The Possible Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Any type of injury that directly affects the brain is a serious matter because this can lead to serious consequences, like a severe illness or death. Brain injury, otherwise known as traumatic brain injury (TBI), is caused by a strong jolt, or a very violent blow, to a person’s head. This usually happens when a person falls head first, suffers a sporting accident, or a bicycle, motorcycle, car or truck accident, is struck violently or is shot on the head, or is knocked down due to an explosion.

Despite the layers of protection which should keep the brain safe, there are blows there are just too violent or forceful, causing these layers incapable of providing the brain its actual needed cushion (these layers of protection include is the hard bone, called the skull or cranium, the membranes, called the meninges, and the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which allows the brain to float, providing cushion for it especially when the head makes sudden movements). These forceful blows make the brain collide with the internal wall of the skull, resulting to bruising, internal bleeding or torn nerve fibers which damage one or more areas of the brain – an intra-cranial injury called TBI.

There are different possible consequences to traumatic brain injury, such as temporary or permanent functional disability, or psychosocial impairment which can have a major effect on a person’s judgment, memory, cognition, reasoning, problem-solving ability, processing of information, abstract thinking, language and vulnerability against serious illnesses, including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and other health problems that can affect the respiratory, digestive or circulatory system.

Every year, as shown in records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least a million people in the US are treated for brain injuries; more than 50,000 of these individuals, despite the treatment, are just not strong enough to survive the injury, though.

According to the website of the Benton Law Firm, many cases of TBI are results of accidents due to someone’s negligence. The lifelong traumatic effects of TBI on victims’ lives make it important for them to pursue compensation for all damages resulting from their injury.

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