What You Need To Know About Residential Property Claims

For most people, the home is one of their most important assets. For this reason, homeowners will do anything to make sure that their major investment is protected. Natural calamities can cost the residential property to be damaged. In times like these, it pays to have residential property insurance. When your property sustains heavy damage from natural factors such as hurricane or typhoon, the cost may be too much for your own pocket to handle.

According to the website of Williams Kherkher, damage due to natural calamities can result to widespread damage to your home and can create hazardous living conditions for weeks or even months after. Having property insurance can give you some kind of financial relief. Your insurance company will shoulder all the expenses related to your property. The first step is to report the damage to your insurance adjuster.

Residential property insurance may cover single homes, attached town homes, and high rise condominiums. In order to be covered, you need to provide your insurance adjuster with a “proof of loss.” This will help the insurer determine the extent of liability to your property. The representative of the insurance company will visit your property and evaluate the extent of the damage.

During the inspection, the insurance adjuster will assess the “scope of loss.” This report includes the following:

  1. Extent of damage
  2. Quality of materials and workmanship
  3. Measurement needed to calculate quantities

This is different from the final estimate in a couple of ways:

  1. The scope does not necessarily list the prices, although prices can be used to describe quality
  2. The scope does not list the calculated quantities, it includes just the raw quantities and measures needed to compute for the quantities for the estimate

Residential property insurance claims may cover additional living expenses, which are the costs related to your relocation such as emergency shelter, clothing, and food. Your policy will also cover everything on your premises such as the garage, tool shed, or in-ground swimming pool. Trees, shrubs, and other plants may also be covered but on a limited basis.

Reasons Why You Need Bentonite Clay

Much like many cultures before us throughout history, we are now beginning to appreciate the many benefits to making use of healing clays. Bentonite clay is just one type of the many that has been becoming more and more popular recently.

What is bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay is a particular kind of healing clay that is refined from aged volcanic ash. It is rich in minerals like as calcium, iron sodium, zinc, silca, potassium, and magnesium. It is also used for detoxifying and cleansing the body free of deadly toxins.

Following an interaction with water, the negative ions that bentonite clay has is activated. This allows the clay to interact with the positive ions of harmful compounds like heavy metals, pathogens, and pesticides. Bentonite clay attracts this compound like a magnet, preventing them from permeating into the blood stream in order to be properly processed by the kidneys.

Why is it beneficial for your health?

Preventing harmful compounds from being absorbed into the blood stream helps keep the immune system strong and ready to fight illness. Bentonite clay can cleanse out heavy metals in unsafe drinking water and irritants in low-quality processed food. This helps detoxify the digestive system from anything that can cause problems like diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.

Because it is mineral-rich, bentonite clay can also act as a safe and natural dietary supplement to keep your body in top shape. According to Earths Natural Clay, special variety of bentonite clay such as calcium bentonite clay can help target more specific issues in the body. Calcium-rich bentonite clay, for example, is ideal for children because it can help strengthen bones on top of all the other health benefits that come with healing clays.

There are many reasons why you should start integrating the regular use of bentonite clay. From cleansing your body of toxins and providing your body with essential minerals, bentonite clay proves to be a safe and natural alternative to achieving health and wellness.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Divorce itself can already be an emotionally-draining and demoralizing experience, much more the process to resolve it, specifically, if it ends up getting settled in a family court room. This type of divorce process, called litigated or contested divorce, which is the traditional way of settling divorce and divorce-related issues (which include child custody and visitation rights, child support, spousal support, and division of marital properties, assets and debts), is heard in a courtroom and, therefore, open to the public. Besides the emotional burden it can cause, it can only leave divorcing couples hating one another in the end and probably huge legal fees (court fee, attorney’s fee and expert fee) that need to be settled.

The many inconveniences and negative effects of a litigated divorce process have influenced many other divorcing couples to find alternative ways through which they can settle their divorce and other issues in ways that are faster, much cheaper and more peaceful. Well, good news for them because there are now new methods available in setting divorce and all divorce-related issues faster, peacefully, and without spending as much as one will spend in a court-settled divorce. These methods include Uncontested divorce, Divorce mediation and Collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce, particularly, is the newest method of alternative dispute resolution. Under this collaborative divorce process, divorcing couples hire their own lawyers whose job is to assist their respective clients resolve conflicts through the use of cooperative techniques instead of adversarial strategies and litigation (the spouses may also seek the help of a mediator and/or other neutral experts, like an accountant and/or a child custody expert who can assist them in settling all issues at hand). At the outset of the process, the spouses and their lawyers make a commitment to achieving a negotiated outcome. If, however, no settlement is reached, then the “Participation Agreement” entered into by all those involved in the process will require each of the spouses’ lawyers to withdraw from the process. The spouses may then hire new attorneys who will represent them in court (for the adversarial contested divorce process).

According to the law firm Marshall & Taylor PLLC, besides allowing couples seeking a divorce approach their separation as partners willing to work together to reach an amicable agreement, collaborative divorce also allows couples decide on how to handle post-settlement disputes, as well as provides them with other benefits, including:

  • Expediency of the divorce case;
  • More control over the outcome;
  • Less stress and anxiety;
  • Lesser costs compared to the traditional divorce process.

To help make sure that collaboration will succeed, it is important that spouses choose only experienced lawyers who they can trust and whose genuine interest is to help them resolve all issues.

The Possible Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Any type of injury that directly affects the brain is a serious matter because this can lead to serious consequences, like a severe illness or death. Brain injury, otherwise known as traumatic brain injury (TBI), is caused by a strong jolt, or a very violent blow, to a person’s head. This usually happens when a person falls head first, suffers a sporting accident, or a bicycle, motorcycle, car or truck accident, is struck violently or is shot on the head, or is knocked down due to an explosion.

Despite the layers of protection which should keep the brain safe, there are blows there are just too violent or forceful, causing these layers incapable of providing the brain its actual needed cushion (these layers of protection include is the hard bone, called the skull or cranium, the membranes, called the meninges, and the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which allows the brain to float, providing cushion for it especially when the head makes sudden movements). These forceful blows make the brain collide with the internal wall of the skull, resulting to bruising, internal bleeding or torn nerve fibers which damage one or more areas of the brain – an intra-cranial injury called TBI.

There are different possible consequences to traumatic brain injury, such as temporary or permanent functional disability, or psychosocial impairment which can have a major effect on a person’s judgment, memory, cognition, reasoning, problem-solving ability, processing of information, abstract thinking, language and vulnerability against serious illnesses, including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and other health problems that can affect the respiratory, digestive or circulatory system.

Every year, as shown in records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least a million people in the US are treated for brain injuries; more than 50,000 of these individuals, despite the treatment, are just not strong enough to survive the injury, though.

According to the website of the Benton Law Firm, many cases of TBI are results of accidents due to someone’s negligence. The lifelong traumatic effects of TBI on victims’ lives make it important for them to pursue compensation for all damages resulting from their injury.

The Worst Consequences of Car Accidents

All it takes is one wrong moment, one terrible mistake. It can be in the blink of an eye and life, still so young and vibrant, can slip away like breath on a mirror. That is all it takes in order to completely throw someone’s life off course – or worse, end it. It is not just the individuals who are directly involved in the accident who suffer, however, but their friends and families as well.

Car accidents are some of these situations and their consequences extend far beyond the injury they initially cause.

Not every car accident requires for the victim to be in a car. Sometimes, due to driver error or simple carelessness, a run-of-the-mill pedestrian can become victim to the accident and these situations can be fatal in the worst of times. Something so shocking and sudden can only mean an immediate upheaval in routine for those close to the victim.

There have been incidents where the victims were merely children who have now been robbed of the ability to walk and run while some young adults are just starting to find their groove in life only to find themselves suddenly paralyzed and in debt for medical expenses due to a car accident. There are also the lost wages, if the victim were of working age and the primary income earner of a family. Not to mention the immense grief of something so precious such as time and life to be stolen by an incident that could have easily been prevented if negligence had not become a factor.

Circumstances like this, fortunately enough, fall under the jurisdiction of personal injury and it is then advisable that you contact an experienced legal professional if you or someone you know has been made to suffer through an ordeal like this due to a car accident. This is so that you may not only rest easy in the assistance of people who know their way around the scenario but also the network of medical professionals that they have access to who can make the recovery period much smoother and easier to deal with.

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